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CAD/CAM programming

Our company uses ESPRIT, a sophisticated CAD/CAM system to set our machine tools: this enables the engineering and three-dimensional simulation of the parts and their machining before being produced, reducing the time for manual programming and possible mistakes during the production step.

CNC machinery

Lathes and milling machines

We employ high technology. The variety of our machinery enables us to satisfy a great number of customers and for them we can also carry out complicated machining in addition to small and medium production and prototyping.

Our machinery:

  • 1 Star SR-38A 31iB dual-technology lathe with ten-axis, two of which indexed C-axes, and max bar machininhg diameter of 38 mm. In addition to simultaneous front/back operations of turning, drilling, tapping and milling, the machine is able to perform deep milling and drilling. The machine is aldo equipped with nine driven tools. Operations of finishing and rough machining in a single pass are possible thanks to simultaneous turning of two different tools on the main spindle. The B-axis can also perform machining at any angular position, whereas the Y2 axis located on the back, allows for independent turning and milling processes through drive tools. The machine is also equipped with Fanuc 31i control system and a Top Automazioni Infinity-S 342 multi-bar feeder;
  • 1 Star SB-20R G dual-technology lathe with max bar machining diameter of 23 mm, two indexed C-axes, driven frontal and radial tools, Fanuc control systems and IEMCA Boss 338 HD multi-bar feeder. The lathe is fitted with a 135 bars high pressure system for deep drilling and heavy machining;
  • 2 Hanwha XD20H sliding head lathes with max bar machining diameter of 20 mm, fitted with driven tools, counter spindle, indexed C-axes and Fanuc 18i control systems. These machines are equipped with 50 bars high pressure system for deep drilling and heavy machining, and with IEMCA multi-bar feeders;
  • 2 Hanwha HD26H sliding head lathes with max bar machining diameter of 26 mm, fitted with driven tools, counter spindle, indexed C-axes, Siemens 840D and Siemens 828D control systems. These machines are equipped with 50 bars high pressure system for deep drilling and heavy machining, and with IEMCA multi-bar feeders;
  • 1 Biglia B436Y2 fixed headstock lathe with twin-turret and twin-spindle, max bar machining diameter of 35 mm, two C-axes and two Y-axes, frontal and radial driven tools and Mitsubishi control, for combined operations of turning, milling and drilling of small-sized parts. The machine is equipped with a Top Fusion bar feeder;
  • 1 Fanuc Robodrill α-D21LiB5ADV vertical work centre with 3 axes, for high precision milling and drilling, spindle speed up to 24,000 rpm and machining area of 700x400x400 mm;
  • 1 Quaser MF500-U vertical machining center with 5-axis round table continuously, spindle with speeds up to 15,000 turns, Heidenhain TNC-640 control and working space up to 550x800x610 mm;
  • 1 vertical rotopallet MDC 500 HASS machining center equipped with spindle with speeds up to 10,000 turns and machining space up to 500x320x500 mm;
  • 1 Mori Seiki CV-500 vertical rotopallet machining centre, with machining space of 500x500x500 mm;
  • 1 Famup MC45 vertical work centre with 4 axes;
  • 1 Emerson manual lathe;
  • 1 Rambaudi M3 manual miller;
  • 1 special machinery, built to satisfy the needs of a customer, checks and corrects the axial oscillation of mechanical shafts;
  • 1 washing machine IFP K50 HMA alcohol modified with vacuum washing cycle.

Metrology room

Our metrology room is air-conditioned and provided with sophisticated measuring instruments:

  • Zeiss Duramax contact measuring machine;
  • Mitutoyo PH-A14 profile projector;
  • Mitutoyo QS-250Z optical measuring machine;
  • Mitutoyo SJ-301 roughness tester;
  • Mitutoyo digital micrometers to measure external diameters;
  • Bowers mechanical micrometers to measure internal diameters;
  • Panasonic WV-CP 240 EX optical digital camera to recognise defects not visible to the human eye.

Electronic tool magazine

Our DAINT kbMAT24 automated system ensures the management, control and delivery of our mechanical tools through an automatic counting system which considers the tools collected reducing time wasting and mistakes.

Special machinery

A special machine, specifically designed and built for a customer, checks axial oscillation of mechanical shafts.

Sifting machine

Parts are separated from chips thanks to a vibration sifting machine.

Shredder and trimming compactor

A shredder and a compactor allow us the ecological disposal of waste.