Diversifying is one of the strengths of the company. Our know-how in small metal part processing enables us to be business partner of companies operating in a great number of sectors: banking automation, industrial vehicles, mechatronics, industrial automation, medical industry, photography, safety, industrial design, furnishings, sustainable mobility, outdoor sports such as motorcycling, e-bike, scuba diving, climbing,  etc.

Industrial automation

The core business of our company is industrial automation. We manufacture different mechanical parts to produce machinery for the banking automation industry (our most important client is one of the main company in this field and has customers all over the world). We also produce parts for automatic gates and testing machines.

Industrial vehicles

We produce mechanical components for industrial vehicles of the earthmoving sector for one of the most important company of the world.


We realize mechanical parts for machinery and testing equipment.


We manufacture racing components for motorbikes (e.g. pedals, clutch levers, counterweights, bars, spacers, bleed valves, dumb terminals, brake groups, etc.).

Sport equipment

We manufacture parts for outdoor sports and underwater fishing equipment.

Medical industry

We manufacture components for replacements, screws to treat bone fractures. We also produce titanium implants for the field of dental supply.

Other sectors

Sustainable mobility

We produce mechanical parts for lithium batteries, intended for electric vehicles. In particular, we have produced components for motorcycle batteries and racing speedboats.


We produce cases for electric motors.


We produce mechanical pieces for electric bicycles.


We produce needles for binding machines.

Manufacturing design

We manufacture high-quality handicrafts in the luxury sector.


We manufacture mechanical parts.


We produce parts for braking systems of high-end cars.


We manufacture mechanical parts of machinery to produce jewels.

Shipping industry

We manufacture design parts for boats and oar connections.