One of our strong point is quality check: we proud ourselves of a very high AQL (acceptable quality level). The technological instruments, such as high quality measuring machines for optical and contact tests, are at the forefront of technology and production quality.

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit”


360º quality

In our company quality involves everything. It concerns our products, which we can see and touch, but it also concerns the environment and the relationships among the people, in a comfortable and family place, in order to continuously improve and be competitive.

Dimensional check

The dimensional check of our mechanical parts is realized through high-quality measuring instruments for optical and contact checking, which certify the quality of our products.

Our measuring instruments:

  • Zeiss Duramax contact measuring machine
  • Mitutoyo PH-A14 profile projector
  • Mitutoyo QS-250Z optical measuring machine
  • Mitutoyo SJ-301 roughness tester
  • Mitutoyo digital micrometers to measure external diameters
  • Bowers mechanical micrometers to measure internal diameters
  • Panasonic WV-CP 240 EX optical digital camera to recognise defects not visible to the human eye.

Company quality

Our constant improvement also concerns the environment and the people’s health. We also are a resilient company, because we continuously adjust to the needs of an even faster and demanding market:

  • we continuously diversify the sectors to increase our experience
  • we continuously re-invest in technological innovation and human resources
  • we invest in our employees’ training providing technical refresher courses and English sessions
  • we alternate our people’s tasks to teach them how to be flexible and improve their knowledge
  • we plan our production to meet our customers’ needs using Kanban delivery management and jpiano®, a company process monitoring MES system, according to the principles of Industry 4.0

Environmental quality and energy saving

We are an ethical company: we pay attention to ecological aspects as the respect for the environment and the health of our staff:

  • a fume extraction system, which guarantees high environmental quality returning micro-filtered air to a level up to 99.98%
  • a system of air conditioning, filtration and dehumidification of the air ensures a high environmental comfort throughout the production area: in addition to having cleaner air than outside, constant temperature of the plant improves productivity
  • a compressor room equipped with an inverter, which will measure the power as needed, produces power without wasting energy
  • we use organic oil only
  • a LED lighting system guarantees significant energy saving
  • we use electricity produced from renewable sources and certified with Guarantees of Origin;
  • we carry out the separated collection of waste materials
  • we are committed to following the “plastic-free” logic for environmental sustainability.

Quality certifications

We are close to obtain ISO 9001:2015 quality certification.

Customer care

Customised high-quality production

Customers’ loyalty in a human and highly professional relationship based on reliability, a quick feedback and optimised quotations.


Thanks to the monitoring of the information flows of the commercial process, we can give our customers quick answers in three days’ time with the exception of very particular requests. We can offer our clients the best quotation thanks to competitive solutions without penalising the quality.


We can develop highly customized solutions providing the best possible realization in close collaboration with our client. If required, we provide technical consulting, product engineering and project refining.


We support the client during all the steps of its order giving it accurate answers regarding deliveries, also using the management system called Kanban and through a MES monitoring system according to the principles of Industry 4.0.