April 2021

Investing in new technology to continue growing

Our machinery acquires a new Star SR-38-A 31i-B double-technology and ten-axis lathe, including the two indexed C-axes. The bar passage reaches up to 38 mm. In addition to simultaneous front/back machining of turning, drilling, tapping and milling, the lathe is able to perform deep milling and drilling. The machine is completed by nine motorized tools. Two tools allow simultaneous turning processing on the main spindle, for roughing and finishing machining in one pass. The B axis also allows machining at any angle, while the posterior Y2 axis allows independent turning and milling processing, through motorized tools. The lathe is equipped with Fanuc 31i control systems and a Top Automazioni Infinity-S 342 loader.

30th November 2020

Sodalitas “CALL FOR FUTURE” – Businesses and young people for a sustainable future

MECS is proudly part of “Sodalitas Call For Future” with the project “A new culture of work for development“.
Sodalitas Call for Future is the initiative of Sodalitas Foundation that enhances the community of companies committed with responsibility for a sustainable future and for the achievement of the objectives of the UN 2030 Agenda.  The initiative involves 150 Italian companies that, creating a positive and sustainable change, are a source of inspiration and guidance for others.

12th November 2020


Italian annual convention “IL FILO DI ARIANNA” – Art as a cultural identity

Our company MECS and its HUB22 related projects receive the “Entrepreneurs for the culture of beauty” Award by the european association “Alfredo d’Andrade”.

Video (awarding: 2h and 23″)

16th September 2020

Password: adapt to change.

In this interview, MECS Precision Mechanics tells about its experience during and after the lockdown.


20th-21st-22nd February 2020

MECS exhibits at the “Fornitore Offresi 2020” international fair, as “guest company”  and in partership with Auton Sistemi, which is its Esprit CAD/CAM distributor.

Fornitore Offresi 2020


15th November 2019

PMI day

During the PMI day we told our story, we presented the HUB22 projects and our partners. This year the leitmotif of our presentation was “the strength of ideas”: we talked about dreams to be cultivated with commitment and sacrifice, the importance of continuous study and of our job, startups, our business network, our HUB22 Academy training project and what it means to be an entrepreneur. 


August 2019

Trasfer of our plant from Burolo to Ivrea (HUB22)

Finally our offices and the production area rejoin in a new location, where the total area is triplicated. New and bright environments, more services and a climate-controlled production area, for the well-being of our people.

13rd, 14th, 15th June 2019

MECS exhibits at the “Tornitura Show” international fair (Bergamo, Italy)

We are just back from the first edition of the fair “Tornitura Show”, in which we exposed together with other companies of the “Tavolo della Meccanica del Piemonte”. This time, we had the honour to share the booth with the historical turnery Gai srl, whose owner is currently the President of the Tavolo della Meccanica. During the fair, we created a positive working relationship with the owner’s daughter Elisa, regarding the correct handling of possible clients, who were intrigued by the sinergy of our mutual proposals.

Our company also acted as an important information point at the Auton Sistemi srl booth, an Esprit’s CAD/CAM direct distributor, for the tight partnership on our formative project HUB22 Academy.

The magazine “MTM Subfornitura”, during this edition of the fair, has published an article about us at page 38.


17th May 2019

MECS exhibits at the national MarketplaceDAY (Ancona, Italy) for the B2B meetings, organized by Confindustria Marche Nord


29th March 2019

Our founder was interviewed by “Auton Sistemi srl” at MECSPE Parma 2019


14th-15th-16th February 2019

MECS exhibits for the first time at the “Fornitore Offresi 2019” international fair, where it also promotes the local tourism bringing with it the Canavese, the UNESCO heritage of Ivrea and its historical carnival

With CDO PiemonteTavolo della Meccanica del Piemonte

Fornitore Offresi 2019


3rd September 2018

Our projects described by the newspaper “MTM Tornitura”

“When crisis becomes opportunity”

We look forward everyday to prove that in italy it’s still possible to improve business.

“The most important word in my job is RESILIENCE” (by Alessandro Suman, founder&CEO at MECS snc)

July-August 2018

Work in progress for the renovation and the expansion of our new HUB22 head office

This year we are spending the summer dedicating to our ambitious projects: we are creating a single facility that will host synergic companies such us our business network. The mission of HUB22 will be to deliver the future to young and not so young people through high-level technical training, which will be able to satisfy the needs of the precision mechanics field in a completely renewed “Industry 4.0” context.

“HUB22 Mechatronics” is born: some articles from italian newspapers

May, 16th 2018  Il Canavese – “Un gruppo di aziende che ‘si fa in quattro'”

May, 16th 2018  Quotidiano del Canavese – “Nasce HUB22 Mechatronics, la prima rete di imprese”

May, 11th 2018  La Sentinella del Canavese – “Ecco hub22, nuova rete di imprese”

May, 10th 2018  Il Risveglio popolare – “Un modello da seguire”

May, 9th 2018  Torino Oggi“Ivrea, quattro forze per spingere nella stessa direzione: quella della ripresa”

April, 19th 2018  La Sentinella del Canavese “Aziende canavesane alla fiera industria 4.0”

April, 17th 2018  La Stampa – “Dalla meccanica all’elettronica. I robot al servizio delle aziende”

April, 17th 2018  Quotidiano del Canavese“L’eccellenza industriale alla Fiera internazionale dell’Oval”

May, 9th 2018

Press conference of our business network

April,18th-20th 2018

Turin A&T International Fair: debut of our “HUB22 Mechatronics” business network

MECS exposed at the A&T International Fair in Turin as the business network HUB22 Mechatronics, which has been founded in February 2018 with other three  synergistic companies in order to offer complete and innovative solutions in the mechatronic field and for the Industry 4.0,such as the product ”GRIMMY Technology” (

Thanks to all the people who came to visit us on the stand!


February-April 2018


Eureka! Funziona! is an entrepreneurship orientation and education project promoted by Federmeccanica, in agreement with the MIUR, aimed at children in the third, fourth and fifth year of elementary school and aimed at guiding primary school students to “know how”.

It is a competition of technological constructions, in which the children have the task of devising, designing and constructing a real toy starting from a kit containing various materials. The students are divided into groups to encourage cooperation, teamwork, the division of tasks and roles to achieve a technological invention during 20 hours of activity. The various projects are presented in a public event and are evaluated by a jury appointed to choose the most innovative toy.

Our founder, Alessandro Suman, participated in this project as a support tutor for the working groups.

December, 2nd 2017

Wooooow! My future in Canavese and me

Always very sensitive to the issue of training, we could not miss the initiative for school orientation, aimed at all students of middle and high schools, universities and their families. The initiative is organized every year by UNI.CANAVESE, the Association for University Settlements and High Education in Canavese, in collaboration with the Young Entrepreneurs group of Confindustria Canavese at the “Officina H Olivetti” University Training Center of Ivrea.

MECS presented its products and its history through a series of slides aimed at young people and entitled “Today we talk about dreams to be touched by hand”.

November, 17th 2017


Our company participated in the national initiative PMI day – INDUSTRIAMOCI 2017, hosting a second class of the Medium School of our town. The students were able to see how a particular mechanical is made, from CAD/CAM programming to quality control. We have created a personalized object (an aluminum key-holder with milled engraving) to leave to each student as a souvenir of the visit. It also was a training experience for our young collaborators, who explained their work. It was a good initiative for school orientation, because the school could approach to our field and its interesting job opportunities.

May, 3rd-5th 2017

MECS axpose at the A&T International Fair in Turin

In 2017 our company participated  at the A&T International Fair in Turin for the first time together with the CNA Piedmont group. It was a beautiful showcase that was an opportunity to create new relationships and acquire new customers.