Industry 4.0

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.”


The project

A year before people started speaking about “Industry 4.0”, we had begun looking for a software system able to manage business processes more efficiently. After various attempts, we realized we had some specific questions no product could answer. Because of this requirement, we decided to choose a company, which could “fabricate us a tailored suit”.

The project began adapting jpiano® MES (Manufacturing Execution System) in 2017 in collaboration with the AeC Soluzioni srl SW house in Turin. It has been developed in connection with the project “GRIMMY Technology®”, an innovative IoT solution created by Robson srl; MECS has been the pilot-project, as it has been the application case and testimonial at MESAP, the innovative mechatronics hub in Turin.
Robson and MECS are located in Ivrea, in the co-working area called HUB22, and are associated to HUB22 Mechatronics Business Network.
The project, which offers solutions for Industry 4.0, has been presented at this year’s A&T international fair of Turin and has been one of the first examples of cooperation among companies associated to our business network along with external partners.


jpiano® is a last generation software platform designed to support the management of business processes. In particular, it regards the organization of the working plan and it controls:

  • plants, decentralized offices and external centers (subcontracting)
  • plant and equipment
  • specific product and process
  • working processes
  • quality and maintenance
  • materials and associated handling.

This stable and at the same time innovative platform can be configured and parameterized according to the specific needs of the client. The solutions offered by the jpiano® platform are:

  • Flexible, because it easily adapts to the internal changes of the same production company
  • Modular, because it adapts to the company dimensions
  • Reliable, because it protects the company data.

jpiano® uses the GRIMMY Technology® interface, which consists in a HW and a SW, objects and real places which interact with the surrounding world, transferring data and information through a cloud-based network for an easy integration with other information systems.

Our tailor-made product

The flexibility and easy configuration of GRIMMY Technology® allowed us to connect our CNC machines, which have different controls (Fanuc, Siemens, Mitsubishi).
jpiano® has been customized starting from the monitoring of some of our specific needs in the production process and then further improved. At the same time, jpiano® adapted to our requirements in a bidirectional communication which found its perfect balance in its meeting point.
Our user experience with jpiano® has been a gradual path: the first difficulties concerning the team approach have been gradually overcome thanks to its flexibility, which we always have encouraged, and the awareness that jpiano® represents an added value for us. It has not been easy and fast to get used to a new way of thinking and planning, but as soon as the people learnt how to use it, they understood the advantages of an improved work organization and now they would not give up at it!

jpiano®: the task production paper

jpiano®: the production scheduler