Work with us

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win the championships”

Michael Jordan

Dear candidate,

before applying for this job, I ask you to read the following observations.

Working in small company helps developing new skills: people have more possibilities to learn and grow because they deal with a lot of different aspects and acquire knowledge. This teaches them how to be independent and widens their experience. For this reason, working in a small company helps you developing new skills.

Our company is growing, both its technologies and its people. The staff is trained at technical level, but it also does English courses at work to be able to read technical handbooks and communicate with our international customers.

We are different because we employ young people. They are often at their first work experience. They just need to be motivated and keen on their job. The opportunities of growing and improving consist in being a reference point for a team in which each role is part of a process even more technologically related.

It is important to know that the field of precision mechanics is a rewarding experience and an added value on the market. However, it is demanding and requires responsibility and training. Even if the activities to carry out are even less manual and more computerised, they require organisation and problem-solving abilities, in order to be autonomous.

If each single person makes a difference, the whole team will win and we want to continue being a winning team.

If you have never worked in our sector before, these are the requirements you should have to join us:

  • good education, in particular in math, physics, chemistry, two-dimensional geometry, solid geometry, mechanics and English
  • good memory and concentration
  • quick thinking and problem solving
  • being tidy and accurate and having good hands
  • responsibility and team working
  • goodwill, commitment and flexibility

To carry out our work, in addition to the above listed skills, you should also be able to deal with:

  • technical drawings (CAD)
  • CNC machine tooling
  • materials
  • common measurement instruments

If you think of meeting these requirements and you agree with our values and our philosophy, please send us your CV at:


Best Regards,

                                                                        Alessandro Suman

  Founder and CEO of MECS snc