Mission Being the main strenght and a constant landmark over time Mission Being the main strenght
and a constant landmark over time

Our goal is to be a partner and a reference point for our customers.

We produce precision components and turned and milled parts using different materials: high speed steel, non-ferrous alloys such as copper and bronze, exotic alloys such as titanium and light alloys like aluminium. We are also specialized in the processing of stainless steel, alloy steel, copper and plastic materials like derlin.

Prototyping and small and medium productions are our daily work. However, we can also deal with small assembly, refine designs and engineer products. Thanks to our experience and work philosophy, we ensure our customers high-quality products. We combine:

“Working should be the source of great joy, but it is yet torment for a lot of people: it is the torment of the unemployed person, the torment of doing something worthless, which doesn’t actually matter.”

Adriano Olivetti

People are our first concern and we want them to feel part of our project and proud protagonists of our history: a new history, born on our territory in modern times, with the precise mission of delivering to young people a new future.

We share ambitious goals and a life plan with our team. This greatly satisfies us and makes sense of our life.

We have a future-oriented entrepreneurial vision, which is open to change. We are ready for development projects and new challenges in order to meet the needs of our most demanding customers.

We are a resilient company because we can adjust to the needs of an even faster and more demanding market:

  • we diversify sectors to gather experiences
  • we continuously invest in technological and organisational innovation and human resources
  • we invest in training our employees, providing them technical refresher courses and English sessions
  • we alternate our people’s tasks so that they could learn flexibility and improve their knowledge
  • we plan our production according to our customers’ requirements: for example, we also use the Kanban system to organise deliveries
  • we have developed the MES jpiano® to supervise processes according to the needs of a small business and in compliance with the parameters of Industry 4.0.
  • we work in shifts to optimise our workflow.

We are an ethical company because we pay attention to ecological aspects such as the respect for the environment and the health of our staff:

  • we only use organic oils
  • a fume extraction system guarantees high environmental quality returning micro-filtered air to a level up to 99.98%
  • adiabatic coolers, which only use water, guarantee a comfortable temperature inside the plant in the summer
  • an inverter provided compressor produces the power required avoiding unnecessary waste of energy
  • a LED lighting system guarantees significant energy saving
  • we carry out the separated collection of waste materials.

We are ready for international challenges

Towards new markets and international collaborations: we want to export the Italian artisanal excellence in the world.

Our philosophy is to combine the industrial production with the care of a craftsman. The quality of our products is one of our strong point: for this reason, we pride ourselves of a very high AQL (acceptable quality level).

We are a company that aims at international customers. However, we want to invest in our area and offer our great added value to local development.

Protagonists in our area

We believe in the network with other companies and partners: for this reason, we have created in Ivrea HUB22, an innovation hub which has a more ambitious goal, that of stimulating important synergies.

We are part of important organizations, such us:

Our mission is also to achieve the UN 2030 Agenda’s goals for the Sustainable Development